wow we're in march! jen had a fabulous birthday party and jon got his dinner at mustafa zi char. i think we might really serve pancake mifen at our wedding. :)

anyways, here's another awesome mtv! for old time's sake! ktv, how i love you so

gonna be a crazy 2months with mucho assignments. GAAA.. have to really exercise better time management.

enjoy the video and dance along!!!

hello two thousand and ten

it's another year with great pals and music! caught cat power at the esplanade last night.. been long since i've experienced the front row magic! hee hee koc here we come! but before that, the karl maka will be doing a fun fun project for mosaic on the 18th! surprises galore!

i leave you with

oh! when transfering coffee granules from snoopy tupperware into blendy bottle with a makeshift funnel, i had like a cool idea for the opening of a short film! oh my! not the most original though, haha but fun exercise for the brain

in other news, school is starting. my life is beginning.